Reports and studies of development partners

Economic Report KR - WB

Medium term growth is expected to moderate to 5 percent, however, a number of risks remain. The
exceptional performance of gold output in 2013 is unlikely to be repeated in 2014. The rest of the economy is
expected to continue expanding at 5–6 percent. A slowdown in the Russian economy, declining gold prices,
and uncertainty created by the recent fluctuations in the exchange rate could adversely affect this outcome.
pdfEconomic Report KR - World Bank 


This paper reports on the results of a pilot exercise on fiscal safeguards conducted by the Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) during FY2013. The exercise was launched following an independent review of the existing safeguards policy in 2010 in which many Directors encouraged staff to highlight fiscal safeguards risks in cases where a substantial portion of the resources provided by the Fund for balance of payments support is channeled to state treasuries for budget purposes. Pilot fiscal safeguards exercises were conducted for five countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, and Kyrgyz Republic.

Evaluation Reports on Applications of Kyrgyz Republic for Investment Loans

The EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund has published Evaluation Reports on Applications of Kyrgyz Republic for Investment Loans financed with Resources of the Fund for two projects – “Rehabilitation of Bishkek-Osh Road Section, Phase IV”, in the amount of US$ 60 million, and “Funding of Farming Machinery Supplies to Kyrgyz Republic”, in the amount of US$ 20 million.